Feedback on firewall

I know negative feedback is always hard to hear but perhaps it might help you to keep your eye on the ball. I want Comodo to succeed as much as you do.

I first heard about Comodo via a respected monthly newsletter called “Windows Secrets”, published by Windows experts Brian Livingston and Fred Langa and their team. They gave Comodo the heads-up as being a superior firewall.

I downloaded Comodo to try it for myself and soon found myself buried in enigmatic “stuffed if you do and stuffed if you don’t” pop-up messages. I put myself in the position of a novice user, or at least someone with a little experience under their belt and found the Comodo experience daunting. If you’re an expert, sure, you can figure it out. But most people are not experts.

And there’s the rub. Who is this firewall for? Mr. Joe Blo? Mrs. Daisy Everybody? As Comodo is at present I don’t think so. I’m reasonably savvy, though by no means an expert and I gave up and went back to ZoneAlarm.

I also recommended Comodo’s OEM service (before I started to configure Comodo myself) to a web-hosting service I use, and an OEM computer supplier. When I saw the OEM guy this morning he told me Comodo was far too complicated. He said if this firewall is to get off the ground it needs to be dead simple, 1-2-3 configuration and with all the complexity kept under the hood (just like a car).

I’m sure as it stands, Comodo will have a cult following, but is that what you want?

Well done guys but simplify…simplify.

All the best!

I have to agree it needs to be simplified for the average user if it has any hope of being used by the general public and not just a “cult” following. Yes indeed it does address important issues, but it needs to be implemented in a way that doesn’t frag the users mind… ::slight_smile:

the firewall needs the updater fixed . its a good fire wall but no good if you can’t update it.

The updater isn’t actually broken. The root of the problem is that everyone wanted to get the update at the same time, and the servers cooked under the extreme load. Comodo had recently increased capacity to cater for the estimated demand, but CFP has proven far more popular than they thought it would, and demand exceeded capacity.

They are adding more capacity even as we speak.

Ewen :slight_smile:

can updater resumable, because i always fail to update the firewall.
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