Feedback on Comodo Ice Dragon

I like the browser but have had to move on to another one because of unusability issue

  1. It is extremely hard to resize the window, because you have removed the pull area from the lower right corner.

  2. You have also decreased the pull size of the border to where it is ■■■■■■ near impossible to find them

  3. When you open a new window, for some reason the focus does not stay with that window but reverts to the previous window. Not sure if that is a Win7 issue, a firefox issue in general or a glitch in Ice Dragon

  4. If you ever fix that, let me know and I’ll give it a shot.

I have moved your post to the CID help board where it is better suited.

It is best to add the wishes under points 1 and 2 in Wishlist - CIS as separate wishes.

Does anybody know the answer to the third question.

Hi zardiw and Eric,
I am not sure if the following link is of any help for question 3?
Note: It is for 64-bit systems.
Windows 7 (x64 pro) window focus issues-Microsoft

Kind regards.