Feedback of CPM in W7 32 bits

Well, just to report that it is working and monitoring without problems my W7 Pro 32 bits installation.
Uninstalling monitored software also works well.

In a Wilders thread, it was said that CPM could monitor softwares updates (Comodo Programs manager : Revo alternative?? | Wilders Security Forums).
Is it true? How can I set CPM for it?

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Feedback of CTM in W7 32 bits

Man you almost give me a heart attack but after reading your post I saw that it’s about CPM not CTM. :smiley:


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Yeah, burebista, I was testing CPM while waiting for CTM :slight_smile:

Mod edit : Title corrected

Well, bad news. I lost a lot of time just to find the culprit… CPM.
It was blocking MS Word Visual Basic (I’ve done everything from repairing MS Office 2007 to uninstalling/reinstalling) and crashing unusual applications (like Aura and avast UI).

I’ve restored a system image before installing CPM. MS Word works perfectly.
Install CPM and boot.
MS Word fails…

Bye bye CPM.

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Please create a bug report here. Doing so will help improve the program.