Feedback for CAVS beta

Hi All,
Please give here your feedback for CAV beta We have been testing this product for long time. Thank you all for your kind support.


1. The version numbers are different at about (also, don’t forget to change picture from beta 2) I was too fast, nevermind.
2. (low piority request) CAVS should ask if i want to apply the modified settings if i close it without the apply button. Ex: at Selective Extension, remove all, then add some new. It WILL ask in case i click somewhere else INSIDE the application.
3. (feature request) At the quarantined items you should also display the file description as column.
4. (ugly gui) “FileName” → “File Name”; “OriginalLocation” → “Original Location”; “VirusName” → Virus Name … etc. (update quarantine texts, please)
5. Bug at file scanner: I’ve tried to use the file scanner on a simple file and i got a “No item to scan” window after the scanner finished the process (Scan is completed. No virus found). This is a bug as only the ellapsed time changed but everything else remains zero. As i saw, the folder scan hasn’t got this problem. After this problem i’ve tried to scan 3 files at once (hold Ctrl or Shift to select → to help): the good news is, that you only got the problem if you have 1 file only - which is NOT a compressed file -, as this time 2 scanned files displayed :). You’ve fixed it.
6. (high priority request) Before running the update task ask the users if they want to save the current settings. Maybe it isn’t funny if we must define the exlude paths every time…
7. (confused) "Remember to check for updates… " Shall the user really remember? What’s automatic updater’s function then?
8. (ugly gui) Scan schedule’s Scan Schedule’s blue top line differs from the other windows.
9. The scan schedule also got the mentioned 4th bug with 1 file. You’ve fixed it.
10. (confused) If i remove other extensions at “File types to scan” (OD), it doesn’t matter if “Advanced Scan Options” are checked. It’s just not documented what will happen in this case (~not clear). You should create small faqs in the help about priorities (or update help parts where it is necessery).
11. (notes) Listing the User Marked Safe Files… well, takes a big amount of time.
12. (feature request) I think it would be wise to list the reports from new to old instead of useing old to new.
13. Bug: I don’t see e-mail scanning animation. Is this a bug with current release, i must got problems or do you plan to remove this feature?
14. (feature request) At schedulded tasks some of us would like to do simple scans and we don’t want to see the report right aftre the task is finished. I request a switch which would make it possible to hide the report at the end of scan.
15. The netsh diagnostic bug still exists. Type in “netsh diag gui” to Run… and run the test next to displayed progress indicator (check it at email scan options).
16. (bug?) If i want to exlude items i can’t use copy-paste, i can’t select include sub-folders.

A schedulded scan time: ~124 files/seconds. 993 files, 08 seconds, 5 folders, 393 compressed files.
I wonder why the first scan took 16, the repeated only 8 seconds. Is it up to luck only?

When you’ll release the new version, you should also publish some notes about the Incremenatal Scan method next to the HIPS (maybe it’s not copyrighted, yet). I’ll test the new version later on another machines.

Now, here’s a smiley for you: (:LGH)


Running well, no major problems, except for the fact that emails with big attachments “stay” in the outbox (using Outlook 2003) and are constantly being re-sent. I didn’t have this problem with the last available Beta.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Arkangyal,
Thank you very much:)
2. This is fine. You will find the same behavior of GUI in Microsoft’s. For example pls see desktop properties.
3, 4. Can be done
6. We are planning to change the seetings updates mechanism so that it will not affect user’s setting on updates.
7. Its just for double check:).
8. :). Ok we will chekc it.
9. You always option to bring default extensions.
10. The selective extensions override the advanced setting. Yes it should be updated in help file.
11. It should be faster. Whats speed of files/min you are getting while running on completete system.
12. We will see it later.
14. This is the detailed report of scan. If it finds some virus, then you will look at it and will take the action.
15. This is not yet resolved.

The immediate second, third etc. scanning will be faster. This is because, files are served from cache by cache manager if the file is recently opened. OS does it automatically.

Thanks and regards

So far everything is running smoothly, no slow downs/hangs, internet working well, emails ok, scan speed ■■■■ good, HIPS working well. Great stuff!


I had to uninstall entirely at home, and reinstall the whole package; the update didn’t do anything to it at all. Now I notice that the LSP listing is called an Email Server Module. Memory usage there looks to be much improved. I’ll keep monitoring it. Full all the way. Ran full scan - CavSn.exe uses a lot of resources. Averaged 65-85%. I thought it might drop after the Memory scan was finished, but it stayed up there. Screenshot attached.

Work computer updated, it’s showing the DB and updates; Build still at LSP still showing as the LSP, rather than the Module entry. Of course, it doesn’t work with Outlook Exchange anyway, but just FYI…

BTW, the LSP that didn’t ever update at home, and wasn’t installed, wasn’t running, well, it failed to uninstall on, according to the message, although it said overall that the uninstall of CAVS was successful. Hmm. I ran a registry cleaner and that seemed to do the trick. Couldn’t use LSPFix, as the LSP wasn’t there anyway…

All I know for now…


[attachment deleted by admin]

  1. (notes) I can specify “…/” or "…" codes at the exlude paths.
  2. (notes) “Create Troubleshoot Log” is checked by default.

Pretty nice work, kishork! Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend :)!

Paying more attention to CavEmSvr.exe after reboot when opening TBird, we hit 70% CPU for a second or two, then it dropped back down very quickly. This version gives a bit more of a gradual climb… hit 20%, then jumped to 40%, then finally 70%. Earlier versions just went straight to the top without an “steps” in between.


[attachment deleted by admin]

It been awile sins I first tryed out Cavs, but it tryed it today again.

While installing I got a message: that the email scanning could not be installed.

After installing I rebooted.

After reboot
I had no internet connection anymore.

So this build doesn’t work for me.

Had to go back to yesterday to get the internet connection working again.


    no problems here. been the smoothest running version yet. no system lag and desktop freezing

seems thing of the past. works well with thunderbird. hips upload and check system much much
better than previous. good work guys.


all working fine here, no major thingies! very close to the final I think?

Comodo Antivirus is working great here and no major problems. (:SHY)

Does anyone else got slow scannigs at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Comodo\Comodo AntiVirus\SafeDB and below?

Thank you All.
Its all your effort to bring stable product. We will be releasing the setup in this week on web site for all users.


Hi LM,
You must have got InstLSP.exe(version in last updates or with last setup. This fixes the successful uninstallation of LSP so that next installation will do successful installation of LSP.

Thanks & regards

Thanks Kishor,

good to see that many will benefit from this version!

Keep up the great work! (:CLP)


Shouldn’t there be a maximum file size to upload? I mean i can submit online game clients’ file - which are usually ove 300MB - but i really wonder how useful that can be for your server’s health. On the other side: what if the client file is infected?

Okay, there’s this strange… um, bug?

I just installed latest CAVS beta on a Windows 2003 (as workstation). The Internet connection failed during install, and not up until 2 hours later. CAVS did try to submit the files to Comodo, and understandably failed.

The bug is: As it is failing, it keeps adding more and more icons into the tray area; if I hover-swipe the mouse over the icons, all of them disappears except one.


I can confirm this and i also got the usual “produced error” window message.

Hi friends… I got the same error but solved it by deinstall and then install again… did you try this??