Feedback & Feature Request

1. Feedback
Hi there. I really like COMODO Firewall & I really find it ALOT better than Agnitum Outpost or ZoneAlarm Pro. It is lightweight, does not occupy much of the resources & it’s free.
2. Feature Request

  1. The icon in the tray is too eeehhhrrr… old-school =) COMODO has a marvelous (it’s really great!) logo so why not drawing a proper picture for the tray.
  2. I’d love COMODO had more presets for applications. For example COMODO couldn’t advise me anything about Miranda IM & Firefox.

The next version will have a better icon.

That’s cool. If you need some beta testers I am at your disposal.

Check out the beta section once the next comes out (which will probably be next month)