Feedback: Don't like that update choices were changed without my permission

I don’t allow anything to update without my permission, so I had CID set to check for updates but let me install them.

When I booted up this morning and wandered off to make coffee, when I got back to my computer, CID had automatically updated, and that window that tries to push Yahoo as default search engine on me was in the bottom corner of my desktop, and the settings had been changed to automatically download and install updates.

This isn’t cool. I have had problems with CID updates in the past and prefer to make a restore point before installing anything. I wasn’t given the opportunity to do so. Luckily it happened to work but if it hadn’t I’d have been stuck with no web browser.

Please don’t force updates on people. It is extremely unwelcome.

The browser could come with the option to automatically download updates and notify the user about …

Search engines are a means of revenue for companies or program developers to continue to distribute their products for free;

An example that we never noticed or noticed, is the partnership between firefox and google, srware iron and bing … (believe it or not even paid programs do this type of partnership);

In most cases where programs partner with search providers, we do not realize because it keeps the program’s home page (logo, search bar below …) and only changes the search

That doesn’t explain how I had my browser settings to not update without my permission, just notify me there was one available, and it changed without my doing it.