[Feedback] Comodo is lacking in TVL maintence!

Recently, I decided to help Comodo by submitting suspicious files to them for analysis, later on, I found out a lot of malware had digital signitures, and a few are actually located in Comodo’s Trusted Vendors list! I notified Comodo and yet nothing has been done to protect users from malicious vendors as they still reside on the local Comodo TVL, Here are the offending vendors that you can find in your local TVL.

(Reported Yestarday and verified bad)
Via Advertising Group Limited” Herd Protect info on “Via Advertising Group Limited”: Via Advertising Group Limited Analysis - herdProtect

(Reported Today)
and “Perion Network Ltd.Perion Network Ltd. Analysis - herdProtect

Although they distribute adware/pup’s it’s still malware and I assume Comodo would take immediate action on bad vendors rather than wait days or weeks to remove them.

You can take the SHA-1 from the files listed and search them on Virustotal if your interested, most of the time there avaliable on Virus Total

Update: It appears that Comodo has actually removed one of the vendors that I have reported, it’s great to see that it didn’t take weeks like it does to add files to the TVL, with that being said, I really hope that Comodo speeds up their process in removing vendors because in this world, a day or too really counts.