feedback about D+

I’m from China,and there are lots of computer lovers choose Comodo for their security defense.but honestly,most of us think comodo is not that detailed compared to rivals like malware defender,OSS,etc.For example,we need comodo could block files from being read by some ■■■■ program which anyway we have to use everyday like QQ,but now we could only block its disk scanning and memory access.I really hope comodo could do that better,could be more detailed in every single way,and trust us,we are more patient than you think,thanks for reading my clumsy English writing. :wink:

Hi soulkylin.
Basically CIS has moved away somewhat from it’s classical HIPS roots with the introduction of the sandbox.The reasoning being that a multitude of pop-ups is offputting to an average user and always leaves open the possibility that something that should be blocked gets allowed out of frustration ‘to stop the ***** pop-ups’.

Malware Defender was very much in that category when I tested it a while back.Although it was extremely granular the sheer volume of prompts to perform even the most mundane of tasks became very tiresome indeed.

For those that wish to have a more hands-on approach you can create your own rules on access/permissions on a per program basis within the ‘Computer Security Policy’ menu.