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My friend has decided to trial Avast due to all the features they have eg webcam protection, wifi protection etc. Is it necessary to have these features or does CIS work to offer protection to these areas. I trying to tell my friend to stay with CIS and not move, however he says that Avast has lots more features. Could I have your thoughts regarding this.

Avast has lots more features

Its more more like they just itemized everything. If you combined it all together it basicly comes down to 2 ways to get infected. It’s the harddrive and memory.
Comodo has Firewall, Autosandbox, and HIPS (if wanted) Look at comodo setting for the features. Thats all you really need. I cant think of any malwares that can bypass the autosandbox off the top of my head

Lets break down Avast’s marketing scheme here

webcam protection
Use black tape or block it with something like some people do. You cant bypass black tape. LOL.... >:-D
Ransomware Protection
Most modern AV companys provide ransomware protection including comodo. Find some youtube videos demonstrating how comodo blocks it Here's a link demonstrating ransomware and cryptoattacks by various AV software. Most AV software protects against ransomware and crypto attacks whether they advertise it or not https://avlab.pl/best-antivirus-software-2018-based-three-security-tests
WIFI Protection
Basically MITM attacks. Comodo has the Internet security essentials unless you uninstall it

Just get netcraft and comodo online security extentions for the browser and call it a day

I dont feel like writing anything else as i can keep going, but you get the idea.

I assume that Avast wifi protection is their paid VPN service called Secure Me. Comodo has TrustConnect which is part of the Comodo Internet Security Complete package.

I would expect the Comodo sandbox to protect the webcam from being accessed by unknown programs.

I would expect the Comodo sandbox to protect the webcam from being accessed by unknown programs.
I agree :)

Thanks guys, I appreciate you taking time to explain. I will show my mate your comments and hopefully he will slap himself across his chops and ask himself what the hell he was thinking about. ;D

Hi Guys
Well here is the story so far. My mate came over last night and to prove a point I decided to uninstall CIS and install Avast IS to see what happened. I let the system settle in a bit, did a couple of restarts and then played around. The first thing we noticed was that Firefox was considerably slower, shutdown time took much longer, tried starting other programs and they were slow to start as well. I uninstalled Avast IS and reinstalled CIS and the whole laptop was much faster. I also showed him the Eicar site and went to all the virus links and CIS slap dunked them all. Then proceeded to GRC to test the firewall and again did a complete pass. He is now convinced that CIS is far better that Avast IS. He is now staying with CIS and we can’t have better than that. :-TU :-TU

comodo internet security protects against loggers, just does not have a encrypter keyboard

No doubt that will be on the drawing board as well. I dont use wireless keyboards so I am to concerned.

I also do not use wireless keyboard, but when I refer to encrypted keys like the keyscrambler software :stuck_out_tongue:
sorry my english

so much features for useless product u can watch cruelsister videos how avast does its job

you can watch cruelsisters videos with your friend while comodo firewall free no one have to pay security software in their hommes

I ordered today a wireless keyboard with mouse (dongled) which have 128 bit encryption, bluetooth is another possibility.