Feature suggestion

I already had talking about something that I would like to see in CFP - the option to import and export IP blocking lits, domain blocking lists, etc.

Now, I thought that would also be great for CFP to work with lists such as Dshield (http://feeds.dshield.org/block.txt), Emerging Threats (Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions, Services & Training | Proofpoint US), and others.

Just a thought.

Edit: Forgot to mention once again that such block lists should be then exported to a XML file, rather than going straight to windows registry.

I truly hopes this will come to be part of CFP in a next release, for it would make of CFP a dream of a firewall.

What do you guys think of that Comodo folks, specially Melih, of course!!?

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I guess it is just about us. :THNK 88) ;D



Now we are three! Let’s play something… poker?

Why not?! (:KWL)

Anyway, now we’re 3!!! I truly hope that what I mentioned in the first post comes to be true. It will make of CFP and CIS the most incredible projects. Emerging Threats lists could of course be divided for the firewall and antivirus/defense+ components, as some are malware related.

This would go great with the theme “Creating trust online” by creating a very large black list of bad websites.
You guys know of the in the cloud service that comodo is trying to developright? maybe this idea may not be worth anything if it matures

Yeah, I’m aware of that. I must say that if comes to be true, it might be an amazing project. That just gave the thought that to help it out, CFP and CIS should have an option for us to send all the blocked IPs to a Comodo database and then they could study such IPs and then replace the ones that are known to be bad in a new database, to which CFP and CIS would be connected to. It is just a thought.

1)We will be launching an in the cloud service for checking bad IPs/Domains. This would be an amazing service as unlike anything out there, this is a truly in the cloud service that will give you a realtime analysis of a website and whether this website will attack you or not!

2)Threatcast when launched will allow user-comodo communication about many things including reporting of baddies, including ip addresses etc…


That feature would be REALLY good.

+1 :wink:


Yes, indeed, it would be an amazing service. :wink: