Feature requests


could it be in all possible to add the functionality to requesters so one can click on the ip address (see screenshot) to get a reverse dns lookup? an ip address usually is not very helpful to determine if an allow or block is needed…
Also a view/search filter in the “network security policy application rules window” would be nice… this way you’re able to locate the application to alter faster… the list of applications can get very big with all those talkative apps these days…



b.t.w I’ve enjoyed your firewall product for a long time now… works just fine!

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Not sure where to put forth this, but this looked like the place… So here goes:

Can we have an option to make Sandbox prompt for decision before sandboxing a program? Auto-sandboxing’s a nice feature but it is becoming a nightmare for us developer. You know, whenever you compile a program, test it, then Comodo said it sandboxed the program, then you have check ‘don’t isolate this again’ the run the program one more time to test it; and repeat the whole thing when you re-complie the program? Ouhh… 88)

for your wish to get the most visibility you should create your own wish in a new topic

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this has been requested many times so lets hope comodo listens to us users with v6