Feature request

Hello, I’m thinking about to change my personal firewall to your product Comodo PFW. Currently I’m using Agnitum Outpost Pro. Outpost has several important features which are missing from Comodo or maybe not developed yet.
The most important is about creating rules. When an application starts communicate, Comodo brings a popup window which contains some informations about application exe, parent application, destination IP and port, etc. I have four choices: allow once, block once, remember my allow/block choice in the future. The allow once and block once are perfect and useful of course, but when I check the remember application checkbox, it will create a rule with these conditions:
Allow from any IP, any source, protocol to any destination IP, protocol, port, etc…
This is not an acceptible rule definition for me.
I want that Comodo should offer the exact rule with these conditions which popped up before. For example iexplore.exe wants communicate via HTTP(80), TCP to IP. If I check to remember, Comodo will offer a rule with block/allow iexplore.exe, TCP, destination IP on port 80.
I know how to create rules manually, but for beginners it’s hard work. Of course they don’t know what ports needed for a browser or an FTP application.
Could you develop this feature?
Maybe a useful feature is offering built-in rules for applications such as Browsers, FTP apps, Download managers, etc when I manually create rules for an application.
Anyway this is a great personal firewall now for experts, but not for beginners. When my feature request will be released, I’ll offer this firewall to all my friends.

You can post your wishes in the wishlist thread:


appel, the feature that you want is already available within CFP.

What isn’t intuitive from the interface is that the parameters that are specified in application rules that are automatically generated for you are based on the setting of the “Alert Frequency Level” that is specified on the Security - Advanced - Miscellaneous dialog box.

That is, whatever parameters that are specified in the text description of the Alert Frequency Level setting will also be filled in automatically in auto-generated rules.

For example, setting this slider to “Very high” will generate rules with parameters for direction, protocol, ports, and IPs when you select the “remember” checkbox on the alert pop-up; Where as, setting this slider to “Low” will result in rules with only the direction specified.

The trade-off is that the higher the frequency, the more you will be alerted – but once you have all of your rules in place that should taper off.

Personally, I set my alert level to high and then manually edit/merge the generated rules.

What we really need is that this information is made more explicitly clear in the application or at least the help file. It took me a bit of time to figure out for myself how this works.

thank you very much, works perfect with higher security level… maybe it should be the default with the application installer