Feature request: Timed firewall policy


I’d like to request a feature for the Comodo Internet Security, more specifically the firewall. I have a number of programs installed on my PC that have their own update services running (windows update, java update, notepad++ to list a few). Now some of these services run in the background and cannot be controlled in any way. They use their own timer to periodically check for updates, first starting when the computer powers up. The only possibility is to completely disable them. Unfortunately this would prevent one from getting important updates. Other update services check for updates each time the main program (that they are associated with) is started.

Now I have nothing against updates, but what actually bothers me here is that these services try to connect to their update servers way too often. I don’t want to block them with my firewall, so I am constantly bugged by firewall popups, but I don’t want to allow them either. Maybe I’m just one of those paranoid people, but I don’t like the idea of those update servers knowing what time of day I power up my computer and how long I keep it on before going to sleep again.

Could the Comodo Firewall have an option to allow a given program to connect let’s say once/twice/thrice/… per XX minutes, XX hours, day, week, month, etc.


I understand your wishes. Makes all sense.
But, after all, people make a poor configuration software, then blame their firewall for not doing their job… C’mon programmers, work hard, deliver us good software :slight_smile: