Feature Request - Fix Problem - CD Helper Dialog Box Lacking Accessible Controls

On my Windows 10 machine CD Helper produces a dialog box with a “product offer”. The controls on the dialog are not accessible because of my Windows zoom settings (~125%). The buttons are off the window.

To remove this dialog I have to kill the process which means it returns every time the browser is opened since the dialog is never acknowledged.

Can this be fixed? Either fix it so Windows settings are taken into account and the dialog is functional (the controls could be at the top of the dialog). Or it can be setup properly so the controls are accessible from the keyboard.

Or is there a way in the browser settings to prevent this dialog from popping up every time the browser is started. Hmmm… I guess I could find the executable and delete it.

While they’re processing this, another option in the meantime can be to change scaling behavior for the program individually.

How do I find the Comodo Helper program? It doesn’t seem to be in the installation directory for Comodo Dragon. Is it notification_helper.exe by chance? Or maybe virtual_mode_helper.exe? Or wow_helper.exe?

A search will tell you: C:\Comodo\Comodo Dragon\modules . . . depending where you installed it

Also there are several free Startup Monitor applications which will ask you if you want to allow or deny any application that trys to modify your Autostart entries

Sorry, maybe I’m being dense, but what file am I looking for??? Also, I don’t know why you assume I have a C:\Comodo directory. Don’t apps typically get installed under Program Files or Program Files (x86)?

My installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon That’s where I found the files I mentioned.

As I said: ‘it depends where you installed it’ and the file name is dragon_helper.exe which you will find in the Dragon Modules folder

Great! Having the file name did the trick. We’ll see if this kills the problem. Will dragon_helper.exe get resurrected every time CD updates?