Feature request: Create bootable Rescue Media as .ISO file

It was very frustrating to be unable to create a rescue disk as .ISO file. I needed this for restoring an OS backup to a new virtual machine. I really do not want to buy CD’s, burn Rescue Disk, bridge my physical CD-rom to a vm, all of it to just restore my cbu file. VM’s accept ISO files directly, so I would like to request a feature to be able to create bootable Rescue Media as .ISO file

This should be very easy to implement since CB is already capable of burning such image to a CD. Looking forward to it.

I agree on this. It’s also not clear whether the rescue media is somehow specific to a given system or if it is just a generic image. If so, an easy solution would be for comodo to upload the image someplace and then provide the download link.

We definitely need to either create an ISO or just download an ISO from Comodo or create a bootable USB flash drive. These days smaller laptops/ultrabooks do not come with a DVD unit and frankly I don’t remember the last time I needed one either, it’s all about downloads or USB flash drive.

I like Comodo Backup but this is a weak point.

Come to think of it, it should be consolidated into the existing Comodo Rescue Disk ISO:

a lot of tool do that … from acronis to sourceforge … why comodo will do better than aomei or another anti-virus compagny ?