Anytime I need to activate temporarily, for example, a blocking of an abnormal amount of folders, my only option to do it sensibly is through importing a .reg file which I have exported and saved in Registry Editor from a modified Blocked Files section.

When blocking isn’t needed anymore, I import a .reg file with the normal state of the Blocked Files section.

Doing the same inside CIS by swithching to an edited configuration, is an absolute no-go, because from there on you will have to start maintaining and making every change in two configurations. Nobody wants to do that!

Addable, nameable, describable, editable and removable sub-confs/sub-schields within a configuration would be a clean solution.

Activating a subConf/subSchield would be an equal of importing a folder or folders from a .reg file. The whole config would not be touched.

(In importance this is 2nd to the previous Blocked Files Per-Application-Basis req.)

Your great work is highly appreciated. Thank you Comodo CIS devs!