Feature request: Ability to add IP range, protocol, port ranges in Popup dialog

Feature request: ability to add IP range, protocol, port ranges in Popup Dialog Window. Example image is attached.
As can be seen from attached image, there are no such options in the dialog window. Dialog window automatically enters specific IP, specific port, specific protocol into the Comodo firewall’s database. I have to go to Comodo’s settings (Applications Rules), find the new rule there, and modify it again, every time, for every specific rule that Comodo creates automatically.
Note: this happens when firewall is set up in Manual mode. I am not talking about totally automatic mode which I do not use. I have to check every communication attempt (pop-up) manually, before allowing or disallowing it. In other words, I manually have to create filters. And the Popup window’s current design is a major pain.

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Please use the required format. In the meantime, I will move this request to “Added/Rejected Wishes”.

Thank you.