Feature req: Network zones flexible operations

Let me clarify, please:

“Network zones” is a powerful tool. And to use all of it’s powers wisely i propose to make its controls a little bit more flexible.

So lets pretend that we got two zones — one is “BLOCKED” (wich is inside the Blocked zones section) and one is “TESTING” (where we put addresses wich possibly harmful for example). The point is to check how those addresses from “TESTING” zone are affecting our network one by one. To block the address from “TESTING” zone i got to manually type it in to the “BLOCKED” zone’s list. That take so much time… And im so lazy… I’d love to drag’n’drop them (even thru the confirmation) from and in to.

Another possible method: we got checkboxes from the left of each address/mask under zones! Why do we got them, only for to check which to delete and which to leave? Boooo!!! Let’s make those checkboxes help us to disable/enable addresses temporarily (or permanently)!

And copy/paste is just easiest (IMHO) way to manage addresses inside the zones, possibly got the chance to be implemented…

You decide, thanks!

Hi z0mbak,
Does the following wish cover this request, or could it be an addition to the wish?
Allow Users To Copy & Paste / Move Firewall/Defense+ Rules


@ captainsticks

Not exactly, but as an addition

Please use the required format. In the meantime, I will move this request to “Added/Rejected Wishes”.

Thank you.