FBI ransom virus

Internet security did not protect me against the FBI ransom virus… my computer got locked and a page displayed asking me to send money somewhere… it wouldnt even let me boot in safe mode, it kept restarting my pc… luckly i tried shutting down my pc right before the virus loaded and a popup showed asking me if i want to wait for the program to close and i clicked cancel, then i was able to use malware bytes to get rid of that horrible virus… very disappointed comodo…

I’m very sorry to hear about this.

Sadly, for some reason Comodo’s default settings do not protect against all forms of ransomware. To be fully protected against ransomware you must change the level of the Behavioral Blocker to at least Limited. For more information about how to configure CIS to protect against all forms of malware please read my article about How to Install Comodo Firewall.

As for removing the malware, please tell me none of your files got encrypted. Were you able to prevent this?

Also, it may be worth taking some time to make sure the infection was entirely removed. For this please follow the advice I provide in my article about How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected and let us know the results.

I’m very sorry to hear about the ransomware bypass. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.


The latest Hitman Pro now has a module that can be copied to a USB drive and when booting from the drive it is capable of dealing with ransom viruses.

I assume that only means removing the ransomware and not decrypting the files, right?

I have never worked with it but I have not seen critiques that it was not able to remove the encryption. For a bit more background on Kickstart: http://www.surfright.nl/en/kickstart .

Not all ransomware encrypt the files some just locks your system. But having said that if it goes and does encrypt your files HitmanPRO can’t undo that. It will only save your system. Not your documents, etc.