Faxing via email doesn't work?


I tried faxing a PDF via email, but NOTHING happened. I waited a few hours and then tried sending it via the website.

I didn’t get any response to the email. Nothing in the “Tracking” tab, no return email, no anything. I double checked that the “email faxing” feature is enabled in my account.

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Trustfax has email to fax that allows you to fax through trustfax using your email rather than using the trustfax website. Email to fax is allowed from any email addresses and is not limited to the email address listed in your account. Failed faxes by email receive a return email with an error message.
Please contact support@trustfax.com with the information about your email to fax so that support can check out the reason for the failure. You can forward the sent email to fax email as this will assist support with your issue.

Ok - I’ll try emailing support.

The PDF should have been converted to fax pages and sent, right?

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Trustfax email to fax will convert the attachment in your email to a fax file and create a coversheet if specified in the email and fax it.
Trustfax has an onlinetracking page to display a history and status of sent faxes. You can also turn on an email notification for sent faxes in your account under account info - preferences. The return email will tell you when the fax completed and the status, success or error.