Faxing an email

I’m new here and have searched the posts. It appears that only attachments to emails can be faxed. Can the body of an email that is sent to me be faxed? I need to be able to print attachments, and also emails at a fax machine.

We can also send a message that will be put on the coverpage.
In the body of the email, type message: following by the message you want on the coverpage.
for example;

message:this is the text that will be used as the message on the coverpage.

other labels that you can use are;

the “attention:” will put the name on the attention field on the coverpage.
The coverpage:no will instruct trustfax not to generate a trustfax coverpage. If you use coverpage:no, no coverpage is added so the message: and attention: field are not needed.

the subject field on your email is used by the trustfax coverpage on the subject field.