Fax Broadcasting for the 'tiny' Power User


I have a small group of clients to whom I send faxes occasionally. It certainly would be
nice to have a means to broadcast a given fax to my 15-20 clients instead of having to
enter 15-20 phone numbers as I did again today. In addition - when a fax is not delivered
and I have to re-send it, it becomes a nuiscance to reenter numbers …

After having sent some 80+ faxes since signing up for ‘Power User’ I have no complaints
about your service - only a wish-list.

Thank you

Trustfax will be releasing an address book Sept. 15 2006.
The address book will store your fax numbers so that you don’t have to type in a fax number when sending a fax.
The address book allows you to create groups from your contacts so that you can select a group and send a fax to multiple fax numbers with a couple of clicks.
This new feature will simplify sending a fax to a group of people.
Trustfax Product Team