Fatal Errors

I have encountered three fatal errors running Memory Firewall under Windows Vista Home Premium:

  1. Java would not install under any conditions. I even used msconfig.exe to keep CMF from loading, which did not fix the problem. It was only after I removed CMF from the computer that I was able to reinstall Java: The problem started a few days ago when the Java updater told me that Version 6 Update 7 was available to replace Update 6. The built-in HP Recovery Manager could not reinstall Update 6.

When I tried (at least a dozen times, under varying conditions, such as disabling CMF, anti-virus, etc.), the installer would always hang at “Extractiing Installer” on its status line, long after zipper.exe (which seems to be the installer) had been extracted and was running.

  1. Each time that SuperAntiSpyware would scan, two copies of cacls.exe (Windows\System32) would load, force the CPU to 100%, and never unload. (Super apparently does use cacls.exe, but just momentarily as the scan module starts.)

  2. mcbuilder.exe, also \System32) would run, but not unload.

Even adding Super and mcbuilder to the CMF exceptions list did not fix the problems. With CFM removed, Java is running, Super scans work correctly; I cannot state that mcbuilder.exe’s problem is fixed, as it has not run since removing CMF, but I got the hint about removing CMF to fix the .exe problem on-line.

Serendipitously, removing CMF to fix mcbuilder.exe also fixed two much more serious, even fatal especially as regards Java, problems.