Faster scanning

One gripe I have with CIS is that scanning takes forever - namely the full scan. I was once left with CIS scanning for more than 24 hours before I finally decided to cancel the scan and shut down. I think that this is the one big problem with CIS that really needs to be rectified. Could something like this happen?

The full scan takes long time (if you have in manual scan “don’t scan files bigger than 200MB”).


I would just stick with the default of 20MB.

But yes, I agree that CAV isn’t the quickest scanner out there. I made a wishlist post quite some time ago that I would love it if the CAV scanning engine where able to utilize multiple processors. Avira has this feature and in my testing it saves me between 20-30 minutes for a full scan.

I believe though, the devs feel that disk access time is the actual bottleneck to scan speed. All I can say is that there is more to it than that as can be seen with Avira. :wink:

Outpost firewall stored a database that kept track of changes made to files and folders, so in scanning it would skip whatever hadn’t been altered since the last time those things were scanned.

Even Nis (spit) does that.
Especially for the large files a storing a hash would be useful.

However I have one possible problem with that.
Say a file is infected but CIS didn’t recognize it.
A week later it’s updated defenitions would have detected the infection.
But becaue it’s flagged as ok the infection won’t be found.
So a scan option to igonre the flags is needed.

Then you’re in luck, because this is exactly what the Stateful mode in CIS does. Accessed files won’t be rescanned until the database is updated, then they will be scanned again with the new database the next time the file is accessed. Of course, the database can be updated as often as 30 minutes, so the performance improvements will be negligible.

I’m aware everybody has an opion on what “to often” means; but for me within a week is to often.
I’m a new CIS user so I don’t know its behavior yet.
I was a long time user of NOD32 which also did some scanning during idle time.
I have mixed feelings about the whole idea.
Flagging is good to speed up scanning. But useless if rescanned for every update.
Full scans are not very important I think.
The real time scanner will detect problems to.
I usually run scheduled full scans at night. Once a week at max. Dunno if that’s a smart approach???
Although I still think it’s not a bad idea, I think teh Comodo programmers possibly can spend their time better on other idea’s for improvements.

I only scan once a week, and that’s really only because of habit. I really don’t think it’s necessary with real-time protection active.

+1 :-TU

i would like to have a faster scanner

also the suggested option to scan only the files not yet scan by the realtime protection
to improve the speed or time spent doing a full scan

+1. I rarely manual scan. Real time should have already found any threats if any are present and opened or executed.

I resume this old 3D because is very, very important for me having the possibility to fastly scanning the entire PC (using MY Computer). Now it takes about 3 hours! TOO MUCH! (738.556 files scanned) on win XP home.

Furthermore, it should be very useful for me if Comodo would have the option “shut down my PC when the scanning files is finished”

What do you think about these two requests?

the next major version (v6) is going to have much faster scanning speeds.

cool! >:-D