Faster Master Question

Hi Razvan

Noticed that in the free version before Faster Master is activated there is nothing listed under services.msc
but when activated, Cleaner-Validater does appear in taskmanager but no longer set for automatic but manual mode.

After Faster Master is closed Cleaner-Validater still appears with 57,760 of memory usage.
Wondered how long till Cleaner-Validater closes or if someone has minimum ram 1 gig, I can manually delete it from the task manager.


Followup: Uninstalled Faster Master and reinstalled Found that when activated under services.msc it now shows started an automatic. What is the difference of setting that sevice to manual from automatic?

Also during the scans and deletions cpu spikes to 96 to a low of 54 averaging around 92
Noticed that when cleaning before number found remains the same number found after cleaning.