faster and smaller update

I have updated my CIS today to version

I found out that cfpupdat.exe downloads more than 75MB for this installation.
The installation file is only 72,2MB.
There has to be something wrong. I can’t unterstand, that if i want to update something, that i need more then a installtion file.
Another point is, that i need more than an hour to finish the update. It would also need so long, if i would download the installtion file.
I hope, that the download range would be increased, and the update service to be modified.

somehow, when update, to download only that files that a changed in that version and replace to old…like this, you don’t need to download the full .exe file and in silence mod to install it…
but in fact I don’t know what are you talking…when my comodo upgrade from 3.8 to 3.9, it just notice me to restart PC…when it download and upgrade and what I don’t know…