Fasec / Vupa / Trojan-gen

My co-worker’s laptop has some virus issues, and her browser is hijacked. She was running some Antivirus 360 which was showing 39 viruses.

I ran Avast and only found 5. Booted into Safe Mode to do a boot-time scan. I found and deleted the following:


I have found all three in Google searches, but nothing in this forum. Does anyone have any info on removal? I’ve cleaned rootkit viruses and MBR’s before, so I can handle this. Just curious if anyone has any info on removal.

I trust the people in here before anyone else!!!

Scan is finished - also found:

Win32:Alurean-k (rtk)
Win32:Obfuscated (trj)

So I guess I have my work cut out for me!!!

Any ideas?

Antivirus 360 is the problem, it is a rogue that needs removing.

Malwarebytes Antimalware free should be able to do that for you.

Bleeping computer has full instructions:


Kristen said she just downloaded it from a Google search, so I figured that would be a major part of the problem. That and her boyfriend likes to find porn… I installed Firefox so I could addon WOT - that way she can kinda tell by the green or red dots where not to go.

I will follow your advice and get this taken care of - since ANOTHER of my friends brought me her laptop with similar issues.