Farewell my fellow Comodo sufferers. We have today completed the migration of our last spam filtered domains from Comodo ASG service to Office 365. That’s over 60 domains and 1000 users.

Our last 3 months were hell because of Comodo’s botched infrastructure upgrade in June/July. We estimated we wasted over 300 hours dealing with their issues, totally unforgivable.

No more dealing with emails that vanish, get delayed, corrupted, winmail.dat-ed, SPFed, etc. But of course according to Comodo’s developers it was all due to poor configuration of our servers… that’s 30+ different servers across many different sites, customers, networks… all with the same problems… and they all coincidentally started on June 26th!

What a pity their developers couldn’t get this service to work reliably and treat their customers with respect. The service showed a lot of promise initially.

Ossie 44 over and out.

Hi Ossie,

We are very unhappy about hearing your farewell. Our teams have tried to solve all of these problems as much as these can be. Some of them occured temporarily and one of them is related to MS Office Server default configuration which is winmail.dat issue. Moreover, some of them required detailed investigation and additional development on our side. But to be honest we might have been assisted you better. I want to say that we will review our process and take the necessary actions to serve better assistance to all our customers.

Sorry again for any of these inconvenience. If we can do something for you now to change your decision, we want to know and communicate with you. If not, we hope to see you again maybe in a later time.

Kind Regards

…and that has to be quickest response we have received to any issue we ever raised.

All I can say is your company should have paid more attention to the multiple issues when we raised them back in June and July, instead of trying to pretend nothing had changed and nothing was wrong. It tool several weeks as you may recall for Comodo to even admit they had made an unannounced change to the infrastructure.

This is my last word on any of this, you’ve wasted enough of our time.