false virus scaning

i use comodo internet security the scanning have virus detected

file name hndserver.exe


SHA256: 1dd2b349cfe7562c9ffdad1f3ef54d40d9ad8b88a484eba3edda5f67226c9ab7
File name: file-2077648_exe
Detection ratio: 0 / 43
Analysis date: 2011-12-03 03:12:23 UTC ( 4 months ago )

but the program safe digital Signatures by microsoft

can you tell me about this virus

Hi vonvonone,

Thanks for reporting. We’ll Check this.


Just to add VT link…

Hello vonvonone,

This False Positive has been fixed. You can check with Virus Signature Database version 11975 of Comodo Internet Security Version 5.10.228257.2253 and confirm.

Best regards,