False Updates ?

On another side issue and something you may expect from a Beta. The first thing I did when the virus hit was disconnect the computer from the internet and the network, isolating it completely. Now while I was sitting cursing and removing the infection I noticed on the computer next to me a window saying comodo antivirus had found an update on the web would I like to download it. I clicked yes and to my amazement it downloaded it and reported that I was now up to date and protected. This was an incredible feat as the infected computer was the internet gateway and without it on the network none of the others have any access whatsoever to the outside world. So either you have developed technology which far surpasses anything I have seen before or the update mechanism is nothing much more than window dressing. Which also answers the question I had about why when I do a manual update does it download lots of data when I have auto update apparently updating constantly?

I’ve noticed this too.

Twice already but did not report it as I just don’t care enough too…
If you want great anti-virus protection you have to pay for it.

Free anti-virus protection at the caliber that we need today just doesn’t exist.
The only free AV I can recommend is AntiVir.
It’s free but only for personal use.

Any other free AV is not worth it…

The best solution out there right now is pay for. Nod32.

While Comodo has done an excellent job with the firewall app, anti-virus
solutions are completely different. They are fumbling the ball over and over again.
How long until this software is ready for real world use?

The firewall is fantastic. They know their stuff no doubt about it.
But I feel comodo has gone into unknown territory with the AV software
and they don’t know how to really improve their software…

Good try… but know when to cut your losses.

You should really not judge Comodo Antivirus from the existing beta. Wait for CAVS3 which is not too far off now and you will hopefully see why development of CAVS2 has not been continued.

Well I hope so… I do like Comodo as a company.
They have the right ideas and the right goals in mind.

But you have to consider length of development time here.

You can keep saying wait for it…wait for it… wait for it…
but if it never comes… well… and in the mean time you have to protect
yourselves from exisiting threats. If they were not going to have a working product
by V1 or V2… why bother with V3. This only hurts their public image and their
credibility as antivirus software developers.

But all of this is beside the point, the main reason for this post was because
of the questionable auto-updating… Updates occuring without even being connected
to the internet. Weird to say the least. I had entertained thoughts of previously downloaded
updates only just now being installed… but that doesn’t make any sense.

It is quite an eagerly awaited product. I am also interested to see how far its come along… Can’t wait :slight_smile:

I’m eargerly awaiting the release of Cavs 3 also and I can’t wait.

Just because it’s a beta doesn’t mean faking updates is acceptable. This is absolutely ridiculous, and even for a free product, users are better off without it and the false sense of security it offers.

I’m waiting for CAVS3 too, just because I like to keep an open mind even when it comes to companies with track records like Comodo, but honestly I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high if I were you.

cavs has been completely rebuilt from the ground up & should be available as a beta near the beginning of may. Just like cfp 3 it wont be very long.

it takes time to develop something as complex as antivirus software, v2 has been completely abandoned.

Fake Updates?
CAVS 2 Automatic update updates your CAVS 2 as soon as an update is available. This means, as soon as a new signature comes out or as soon as the guys finish a signature update in the labs CAVS should automatically download the update though often tends to when the system is idle. If you have disconnected from the internet, CAVS is merely notifying you of an available update for when you next connect to the internet.

It’s estimated that CAVS 3 Beta release will be coming out next month and apparently it won’t be in Beta very long.

CAVS as a beta is not a complete antivirus solution. If I run CAVS 2 Beta then I tend to run Comodo BoClean along side it for increased protection / detection.



You don’t pay much attention when reading. That wasn’t what happened to the OP at all.

That was probably me trying to reply to both the quote and your later response at the same time.
At the moment, I don’t have another answer for your question/statement.

Do try CAVS 3 when it comes out in the coming months.



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