False positives with the game Gothic 2 with high heuristics @ DB 990

Two executables of the PC game Gothic 2 are detected as “Heur.Pck.SVKP”: gothic2.exe and spacer2.exe

Here you can download them (The password is “notinfected”):

Except of these two I got no more FPs with heuristics at high, well done again :slight_smile:

Two files of Auslogics Diskdefrag are detected as “Heur.Pck.MEW” at low heuristics level.

A file of Everest system information software is found as “Heur.Packed.Unknown” at medium heuristics level.

Six files of AVS Video Converter are found as “Heur.Pck.Themida” with heuristics at high.

I’ve uploaded all the files here:

Edit: The password is again “notinfected”

I got a FP at medium heuristics with a temporary file by a download: “Heur.PEBomb”
Download it here:

The pw is again “notinfected”

Hi evil_religion,

Please verify these FP’s with the latest base update


They are gone.

But this one is still not fixed (the first one):