False Positives Thread

Why there is no false positives & malware/malicious/push advertising apps submitting threads?

Are FPs resolved quickly?

I know it’s an old post, but I couldn’t see any point in starting a new one. Where can I report false positives for comodo mobile security?

My cms detected a game from playstore called “Davey’s Mystery” as malware. It is a quite popular game with very good reviews. Please advice.

I found the following link and submited a false positive report and got the following reply:

This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed for
And it will be reflected in AV database Version <69> of Comodo Mobile Security.

So, I guess issue is resolved. Thanks a lot

I tried again to install the same game and comodo once more detected it as malware. I uninstalled, but it still seems to be a false positive. Is there another way to report it, if I don’t have the file?