false positives SuperAntiSpyware + magicJack (5)

Stiill getting it removed w/o any notification when I put COMODO A/V back in. COMODO Internet Security is now only COMODO Firewall and I will use Ad-Aware antivirus engine >:(

You’ll need to supply the files, or links to the files so they can be checked out by the staff.

I was using the latest version of COMODO Internet Security Premium - SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition was deleted and five listing for magicJack. After getting GEEKBUDDY quickly installed. I took that it was removed, cfw from www.majorgeeks.com (another GEEKBUDDY!) something that could be unchecked in one of your CIS Premium. I have restored SuperAntispyware, Comodo Firewall & Microsoft Security Essentials to replace your AV. This was my reply to 2 emails: I tried three versions, all loaded GeekBuddy, all had 2 arrows on
installation. I won’t be using COMODO. Both for ERIK and chenchunli
PS- Check out what the opinion is at www.filehippo.com about CIS Premium

Jesus, people…can’t you read the bottom of the installer main window? ??? 88)
CUSTOMIZE INSTALLER link under Agree and Install button. >:(
There you can opt out GeekBuddy installation… :stuck_out_tongue:

New CIS doesn’t delete files…it quarantines them…so you can find your SAS & MagicJack files under AV->Quarantined Items.