False Positives - Silverstripe CMS 11184 & 11194

Had a customer tell us they were in the admin section of Silverstripe trying the edit a page and when saving it went to a blank page (probably a 403). We checked and seen they’d been dropped by rule 11184, added to the exclusion list. Then they tried again and got a little bit further and were then block by rule 11194. Added to the exclusion list and everything as good as gold.

As an add-on to this I updated to 0.33 this morning and noticed that the exclusions I entered yesterday had gone which it does say in the text area, so have we to continually keep re-entering our exclusions each time we upgrade the rules ?

It’s not a normal, exclude list should be restored after configuration. We’ll check this issue.

I confirm. After update from 0.32 to 0.33 all exclude lists in all our servers were empty

My exclusions also vanished.

Can also confirm today that on the upgrade to 0.34 the exclusion list gets wiped clean again on the new install :frowning:

Yes, current version has this issue. New client side scripts/plugin will be released in the near days.