False positive

Hi. I have a problem on site https://www.degiorgiogioielli.com/ where thwre are false positive.

2022-04-12 08:28:05 Malware degiorgiogioielli.com/Kzo/
2022-04-12 08:28:05 Malware degiorgiogioielli.com/sites/EN_en/INVOICE-STATUS/invoice/
2022-04-12 08:28:05 Malware www.degiorgiogioielli.com/sites/EN_en/INVOICE-STATUS/invoice/
2022-04-12 08:28:05 Phishing www.degiorgiogioielli.com/Kzo/
2022-04-12 08:28:05 Phishing www.degiorgiogioielli.com/app2.php
2022-04-12 08:28:05 Spam www.degiorgiogioielli.com/multimedia/soco_knightling.html

These links are not present. For this i have problem on SSL Cerificate with false positive.

Can you check and fix?


Your submission has been processed. You can view the updated results on https://verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com .

Please note that we have no control over third party platforms like VirusTotal, so we can’t say when or if they will update the verdict.

Hi. Why even if these link not exist i have this : https://prnt.sc/Ljxq9l1P1ozv