False Positive: Windows system components

I had the following system components auto-blocked:





Can you please provide us more information so that we investigate the case? file paths, hashes (sha1 or at least md5) would help much.

ctfmon.exe path=\windows\system32 SHA1: 696093FF1E05157B5D20E770ADB0E2E8CCB99F45

svchost.exe path=\windows\system32 SHA1: B3D7C886DC6607A50874E0ECF2B90CFC3C4B57B8

skypehost.exe path=\program files\WindowsApps

videoUI.exe path=\program files\WindowsApps

I should also at least tell you that I’ve completely abandoned comodo for being terrible software. system freezes, crashes, and auto-blocking known system components is not acceptable.

Please also share:

  1. OS build and version details
  2. CIS configuration e.g. were you using Proactive Security configuration?