False Positive Submission

Dear Sirs,
My name is Andrey Shadrin and I represent Auslogics Labs Pty LTD. We have recently released new versions of our products and discovered the following false positive detections by your antivirus. Please help us solve this issue ASAP.

http://downloads.auslogics.com/en/driver-updater/free-installers/driver-updater-setup-rd.exe - ApplicUnwnt@#1xcigx3bikxob
http://downloads.auslogics.com/en/driver-updater/stub-install/driver-updater-setup.exe - ApplicUnwnt@#2vm476g2lsl0r

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi ElenaRez,

Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check them and get back to you soon.

Umamaheshwari M


This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database version 31036 of Comodo Internet Security and confirm it.

driver-updater-setup-rd.exe (SHA1:3494ad587a7c59bddf7d7886c733e8982e5ba1b9)
driver-updater-setup.exe (SHA1:d2b96fe9f157fe96d5d917e1f655937aa8268c49)

Kind Regards,
Erik M.