False Positive report link.mail.beehiiv.com

Hi Comodo team ,
I represent the Abuse, Compliance, and Deliverability team with beehiiv. beehiiv is a SaaS company that provides tools for our users to create and send email newsletters to their subscriber audience.
It has come to our attention that one of our click tracking domains link[.]mail[.]beehiiv[.]com has been listed with your service. This domain is used by us to provide engagement and performance data for links in our users emails. With this Domain listed with your service it is preventing our users newsletter readers from accessing the links in the emails they receive.
We believe the cause of this listing is due to a recent spike in bad actors who exploited our platform to send malicious emails. Our team has located and removed the accounts associated with this spam and adjusted our security checks to stop malicious mail from being sent moving forward.
I would like to request a mitigation for the domain listed above and any related IP’s which are included here ( - that may be causing the blocks our users are reporting to us.
We appreciate your time with reviewing this request and look forward to your response. If any additional information is needed please reach out here and include our abuse ticket system address abuse@beehiiv.com.