False-Positive Not Detected

I submitted false positive and got answer

The sample you submitted as false positive is not detected by Comodo Internet Security version <3.10.102363.531> with database version <1809>. Please make sure the Antivirus database is updated and check again. If detection is still present, please submit the file on Comodo forums at https://forums.comodo.com/false_positivenegative_reporting_is_this_a_malware_that_cis_hasnot_detecte-b154.0/ along with details about the environment on which this event occurred.

The sample,which we got,is 0kb file.If u still found false positive in your machine,pls upload it through the web link or upload the sample to the forum.

Comodo Antivirus lab

I checked again, and the file is still detected.

There is bunch of false positives when I try to install this software: http://www.pkr.com/en/download/

  1. CPU Athlon 64 X2 4600+
  2. Windows XP pro, service pack 3, 32 bit
  3. CIS 3.10.102363.531
  4. Antivirus - default settings
  5. Firewall - custom policy mode
  6. Defense+ - clean PC mode
  7. Administrator account

Virus database 1813


Thank you for your submission. We will check it out and get back to you.

Sonia Botezatu.


This false-positive has been fixed. Please check in virus database 1815.

Sonia Botezatu.

It is OK now.