False positive - Nokia Software Update

The nokia software updater for the telephone Nokia5800 is detected as a v¡rus.

Product site: http://europe.nokia.com/get-support-and-software/download-software/device-software-update/update-5800xm-support

Name of detection: Heur.Suspicious[at]19848424

EDIT: My Virus sig. Database is 1211

Location on hard drive: C:\Archivos de programa\Nokia\Nokia Software Updater\nsu_ui_client.exe

The file downloaded from the above url is: NokiaSoftwareUpdaterSetup_en.exe
When run on the PC this creates > nsu_ui_client.exe < which is immediately quarantined by Comodo.

On a side note I’d just like to say that I’ve been using comodo for a couple of years now and i think it’s an amazing product. I started off with the firewall while i was using AVG but when i had problems with that i decided to try the full CIS. It does an amazing job. I’m still learning how it works and how to tweak the settings. I had a problem a while back when i couldn’t open any of the control panel apps or change the date and time, until i realised i had the firewall security too high.
At first i found all the different buttons and boxes and context menus intimidating. Maybe CIS could come with a better walkthrough on installation for average users so we know roughly where the most important settings are. Some sort of ‘welcome assistant’. Apart from that i think it’s fantastic and I still can’t believe it’s free of charge.

BTW, how do i tell CIS to ignore nsu_ui_client.exe???

Many thanks,

Hi, Martolov,

The sample will be checked and fixed if confirmed as false positive.

When a file is detected and you still wish to use or access it, on the alert window click Ignore->Add to Exclusions. Make sure you are aware of the behavior of files that you add to exclusion list.


Hi, Martolov,

The false positive was fixed with DB 1215.


Thanks for your help. Much appreciated

I had put the scanner settings to automatically quaratine so i wasn’t seeing the message box. but i worked it out in the end. :stuck_out_tongue: