FALSE POSITIVE - MFC45.dll - Located in %system%

I’ve emailed fille to malwaresubmit as per false positive reporting procedure.

Details are as follows:

MFC45.DLL using Heuristics Set to MEDIUM – Detected as “Heur.PEBomb" and is located at: C:\windows\system32\

The File is NOT detected as a threat with heuristics set to LOW.

Comodo Instant Malware Analysis camas.comodo.com :


Virus Total Analysis :


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I’ve encountered the same thing with MFC45.DLL and posted it on this forum including my AV log. I also sent the file via e-mail to AVLAB on 3/13 and have not received any feed-back. I thought this was suppose to be a two day response. It’s now been two weeks!

I’ve given more details that I had previously including the bit about how it’s detected in MEDIUM HEURISTICS and NOT DETECED in LOW HEURISTICS.

Anyway, patience is often a virtue and I’ve added it to my exceptions.