FALSE POSITIVE in PixelView software?

PixelView 8000GT capture video board uninstaller program ( “uninstall.exe”) was detected as trojan horse.

Product site: www.pixelview.com.br

Name of detection: TrojWare.Win32.TrojanSpy.Small.~BI

CIS: I don’t know ( What is it? )

  • I submited this “uninstall.exe” file to www.virustotal.com and got 2 malware’s detections.
    ( This program uninstall the PixelView 8000GT video’s capture board software )

The first came from Comodo antivirus itself and claims the same infection detected by the Comodo AV installed on my computer. The dangerous trojan horse named : “TrojWare.Win32.TrojanSpy.Small”

But the second detection was performed by K7AntiVirus and claims the file is infected by an “not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Baidu”

Itś impossible both AV are right. Probabily both are wrong.

Anyone agree?

Hi Pedro Reis,

We will get back to after analysis.

-Chandra Mohan

Hi Pedro Reis,

The reported FP has been fixed in DB 1361.

-Chandra Mohan