False Positive IDM


Unfortunately COMODO Internet Security Premium version recognizes my
purchased retail version of INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER (IDM) as a virus,
[The Name Is: Heur.Suspicious@162461750] so tell me how can i fix this problem please ?


Send it here

Valentin N

Hi Ahmadreza,
We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.
Thanks and Regards,
Lin mengze

Hi Ahmadreza,

This FP has been fixed. You can confirm this with DB 7770.


Thanks but what is DB 7770 and how can i confirm it plz ?

It is the Virus Update Database, update the AV side of CIS and then the FP should be fixed for you.

Yes, the problem was solved :wink:


Glad to hear that, Comodo are always very quick to fix FP’s when reported via forum or manual submit link (just hope they can find a way to quicken up te CIS auto submits).

Have a nice day OP and welcome to the forums! :wink: