False Positive! iclarityinstall.dll

False Positive! (UnclassifiedMalware)


iclarityinstall.dll from Avaya Ip Agent, a propietary VoIP Softphone from Avaya PBX!

Please, Fix ASAP as users can’t use the Telephony System.

File attached!

Thanks in advance!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello mikelcast,

Thank you for your submission. We have received your emails & webinterface submission and we’ll check this issue. Usually one way of submitting the False Positive should be enough, you don’t have to use all 3 at the same time: forum/webinterface/email.

Best regards,

Ok! thanks and
Sorry for that! :-TU

After a failure in Webinterface and 2 bounced emails, I registered in the forum to send it again. :a0

… Better next time 88)