False Positive for Image Slice Software

I have a programme A fun app to collect and watch gorgeous girls getting naughty! - iStripper

which I need to run to be able to slice and dice images for websites. I have been using it without hitch until yesterday when Comodo suddenly decided it contains malware and promptly deleted it. I cannot reinstall it even after redownloading and am getting a little bit frustrated at the inconvenience and productivity loss

Hi sceyefeye,

Thanks for reporting to us.
We will get back to you after investigation.

The program can be used again by the followoing way.
Restore the mentioned file from Quarantined items

You can use the following steps to restore a file from quarantine:
[1]. In CIS main window, Choose “Quarantined Items”
[2]. Select the file you want to restore and click “Restore” option
[3]. Restored file will be saved in actual location.

While running again, after restoring from “Quarantined items”, CIS again detects that file.
If so, please add to Exclusion list.

  1. Launch CIS and navigate to AntiVirus → Scanner settings-> Exclusions
  2. Highlight the corresponding file from the exclusion list and click Remove
  3. Click Apply

-Chandra Mohan

Hi sceyefeye,

The submitted FP has been fixed in DB v1151.
Please update your database.

-Chandra Mohan

Thanks Chandra, I will try this, although I managed to get it reinstalled yesterday afternoon, this morning as I started my computer CIS nailed ImageSlice again! So now I have checked that my database is up to date, which CIS is claiming is correct, and am going to try reinstalling again later this morning