False positive for Beaconstac domain - qrcodes.pro

Hi there,

One of our domains qrcodes.pro is marked as Phishing/Malware site on your security solution causing a lot of issues for our users not being able to reach the domain on different network providers.

We are a QR code generator solution used by 100k+ businesses and more than 100+ Fortune 500 companies who actively rely on the solution for their business requirements along with millions of people scanning these QR codes every day.

Can you please help us whitelist the domain on your tool?

Additionally, we continuously monitor and block malicious URLs being added by bad actors using Google Web risk API and are working on adding some more vendors as well.

Blocked domain - qrcodes.pro
Can we please get this on priority as it is affecting too many users?

Company Website - https://beaconstac.com/
Security - SOC2 Type 2
G2 - https://www.g2.com/products/beaconstac-qr-codes/reviews#reviews

Please reach out to shashank[at]beaconstac.com for any questions or clarifications required.

Best regards,
Shashank Raj
Director, Engineering


Your submission has been checked and there was no blacklist entry found for your website, you can check and confirm at

Please note that we have no control over third party platforms like VirusTotal.

Best regards,
Comodo AV Lab

Thanks, ipipirig.