False-positive detections on our game-installers

Hello. Our company (GameNet.ru) is a online game publisher. Our users who use Comodo’s security software for Windows (antivirus and so on) often face a problem of false positive detections of threats in the software which we develop and distribute (game installers and launcher). This installers can be download from https://gamenet.ru/games/her
Launcher GameNet can be download here: https://gamenet.ru/platform/

Our software doesn’t have any threats, all executable files are signed with codesign certificate.
You can check the example of such file by the URLhttp://fs0.gamenet.ru/installers/qgna/ca/live/PlayCombatarms.exe.
We’d like to solve such problems which our and your users have by whitelisting of our software.

Hi maksim.karevich

You can submit any whitelisting request to whitelisting@comodo.com

Prabhakaran R.

The easy option is to reassure your players that this is a false-positive and that they should submit the file(s) to slope unblocked their antivirus provider … What is a False Positive? In cybersecurity, a false positive detection or false alarm refers to ma situation where security software incorrectly identifies a harmless file or website as a threat. It occurs when a program or webpage performs an action that appears to the antivirus program to be a virus-like activity.

can somebody ask if they are going to add this malware program to the antivirus scans…
Sorry i dont have the time to search which topic to post to…This is in regards to Micosoft poping up its own internal malware from its OS or upgrades to its OS? win11
its called BingChatInstaller…The comodo firewall picks this up, but the antivirus scanner does not!

IT admin in a small business here. I just saw the ad from bing on my computer today

I used the task manager to find that the exe was : C:\Windows\Temp\MUBSTemp\BingChatInstaller.EXE

Hello corb0046,

Can you please share this file so we can check it? Thank you!

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