False positive detection of Google Play app


we are developer team of Polish shopping application - Moja Gazetka (Moja Gazetka Group - Blog o promocjach, wyprzedażach i przecenach: sklepowe okazje z Moją Gazetką). One of our users reported that Comodo Mobile Security reports our application to be a malware. Could you please look into it as we are sure that this is a false-positive detection. Application doesn’t include any harmful components.

You can find the app at Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ricosti.gazetka.

We hope it will be possible to fix that issue soon.
We would really appreciate your help!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is there anything new regarding this topic?
I saw some replies to similar topics, but this one is still lacking a response.

I would really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Hi mojagazetka,

Thanks for Reporting us , It is False positive the fix will update on CMS Security update base version <74>.


Thank you!
Do you know when the update will be available?

By the way, would it also be possible to check this app:

It is also reported to be harmful and again we are sure that it is not :slight_smile:

Hello again,

Is there anything new?
Have you already had an opportunity to check this second application I provided?

Do you know when the mentioned update will be available?


Did you manage to check both applications I provided and make a proper update?
I’ve checked it, and both applications are still reported to be malware.

When exactly can we expect an update?