False Positive Complainterator v21.0

CAV gave a false positive (IM-Worm.Win32.Sohanad.gy) when I tried to load complainterator.exe v21.0 today. I have submitted the file to Comodo and have discussed with the moderator on the Complainterator forum.

Assuming a false positive is agreed, how will it be notified / rectified so that this excellent program that takes spammers down gets a clean bill of health from Comodo?

Comodo receives thousands of files for review daily. For the time being you can move the item to the Exceptions List. Subsequent signature updates will recitfy the false positive if this is the case. As far as I am aware, you won’t receive confirmation of the status of that particular file unless you contact the virus team directly through emailing customer support.



Reason: Out-Dated post.