False Positive - Can't copy file over


I’ve encountered a problem where if I enter a folder which contains a file that the AV recognizes as a virus, but its actually a false positive, I can’t copy that file over to a different location, I get a message saying I need administrative rights.

Marking the file as trusted or exclusions does not resolve the issue.

The only solution I found to copy it over to another place is to uninstall Comodo Internet Security, then I can copy the file.

Using CIS V 5.9.221665.2197 Virus definition 16644

On a different matter, a while ago I installed a newer CIS version, and noticed the interface was totally different, where I couldn’t even realize how to get to the Firewall tab, has this changed back in the newest version to the interface that is included in my version where I have tabs?

Hi catcher2,

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Does this file reside on a removable device? If so then that might be the issue here.
Disabling the AV temporarily should fix the issue, and let you ‘move’ the file.

The latest builds 6.2.x do have all counters back on the main GUI.
From there you can click on e.g. Firewall and it will take you to the Advanced Firewall settings GUI.

It resides on the hard drive

Exiting CIS does not solve the issue, only uninstalling.

Only if I remember to exit the AV before it scans the ‘virus’, then I can copy it.

So if you set the Antivirus security level to ‘disabled’ before you touch the file this issue does not show up?

As 5.9 is no longer supported I’d recommend to do a fresh install of CIS 6.2 and switch the GUI to advanced view.